Fluid Strength - Mastering Macebell Fundamentals Workshop
with Matt Shore

Sunday 12th November 2023
10 - 4pm

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Standard price - £147

Places limited to 20, to ensure that training remains effective and personal. 
Macebell Training UK is the leading provider of Macebell Courses and Workshops in the UK.


Fluid Strength – Mastering Macebell Fundamentals is the most comprehensive and complete Macebell Training workshop in the UK and teaches fundamentals of Mace Training and Coaching. 

Macebell and Steel Mace training is rapidly gaining popularity due to the unique, unconventional and highly effective training that can be done with this awesome training tool.

It is a highly technical, complex and exciting training modality that develops strength, conditioning and resilience of the body.

During this workshop you will be taught:-

Crucial mobility for Mace Training.

Progressions and regressions for mastering the classic lifts – the 360 and 10-2.

Single Arm progressions.

Unconventional movements for developing strength, conditioning and becoming anti fragile.

Introduction to fluid complexes for conditioning, co-ordination, complexity and creative flair!

Standard price - £147

Places limited to 20 to ensure that training remains effective and personal. 

Who is Matt Shore?

Matt is a Performance Coach, Personal Trainer, Online Coach, Mentor, Educator and Mountain Leader. He has been coaching people from all walks of life for over 20 years.

As a lifelong competitive athlete Matt has competed to high levels in Swimming, Cycle Road Racing, Mountain Biking, Powerlifting, Running, Strongman and Special Forces based Extreme Endurance races.

His style has been developed through experience in these disciplines and in crossing the boundaries that lie between them. 

Matt has studied physicality, movement, the art of training and understanding the link between mind processes and the body extensively through education and life experience. It is this interest and knowledge that underpins his approach to health, fitness and performance.

He is passionate about sharing his experiences with other coaches and trainers. His career has seen him act as consultant and lead coach within numerous educational training providers and he continues to provide coach education and to help others develop their coach skill set through his workshops, online webinars and online courses.

As a mountain leader, Matt facilitates others to enjoy experiences and adventures in the great outdoors and mountain environments within the UK, to reset and re-connect with themselves in nature and to nourish their souls in the great outdoors. In Mountaineering he has ascended most of the significant mountains in the UK.

Internationally he has completed the Tour de Mont Blanc, Climbed Mount Toubkal in Morocco and successfully summited Aconcagua in the South American Andes, the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas at 6962m altitude.

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Places limited to 20 to ensure that training remains effective and personal. 

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